Kazakh Dinner Club zaterdag 23 januari

We are delighted to announce the very First Kazakh Dinner Club in the Netherlands in cooperation with Workshop Factory and Spice Gals hosted by Saule Meijer-Tleukulova which will take place on January 23d, Y2016.

A little taste of Kazakhstan created in the 4-course menu of delicious and new foodxperience.
Check out the Menu:

Borsch – Beet root soup with beef and vegetables served with sourcream and fresh dille
Pirozhki and Baursaki – Filled bread with mushrooms, onions and spices and fried dough
Main course:
Manty with beef and/or pumpkin – steamed homemade pasta filled with finely chopped beef and/ or pumpkin, onions and spices served with sauce
Honey Cake – 9 layer cake made of local organic honey made by Utrecht bees and homemade caramel and nuts

Everyone is free to bring their own drinks. Coffee and tea is available at the Dinner Club.

Price per person : 26€.

We have only 25 available seats so hurry up!
First 25 people who click on “Going” will receive a PM with our bank details for booking your seat..

Looking forward to see you on 23d of January, Y2016 at our first Pop-Up Dinner Club.

Happy Days!

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